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Fly Fishing Bass Lakes Gin Clear Waters


Tackle Recommendations

Rods & Reels
(Spin or Comparable Bait Casting Outfit)

For Bass, Walleye & Lake Trout Fishing

  • 6-7’ Rods – medium light to medium action with a fast taper.
  • 6-8 lb. test line with 125-200 yard capacity.
  • Note: 10 to 20 lb. braided line with a 10-12 lb. fluorocarbon leader works well.

Pike and Muskie Fishing

  • 6-7’ Rods – medium to heavy action.
  • 12-50 lb. test line with 125-200 yards capacity.
  • Bait casting outfits with braided line is highly recommended for this type of fishing.

Fly Fishing For Bass and Pike

  • 8-9’ Rods – medium action with 7-8 weight line. For larger species a medium heavy action rod with 8-9 weight line.

Fishing Lures

Mepps Black Fury 600Walleye Fishing

  • 1/8 – 3/8 oz. Lead head jigs, plain or colored.
  • 3-5” Tubes in various colors. 3-5” Grubs in various colors. 4-6” Flukes or jerk shads in baitfish colors.
  • Rapala Shad, Raps SR8 and SR9 in shad, crawfish and perch colors. Rapala X-Raps in various colors.

Bass Fishing

  • 1/16-1/4 oz. Lead head jigs plain or colored. 3-5” Grubs and tubes in natural or neutral colors. 4-6” Flukes or jerk shads with a 3-5/0 worm hook in baitfish colors.
  • Rebel crawfish, shallow and deep runners. 3-5” Stick baits (ie. Husky Jerks, Rattlin Rogue, and X-Raps) in various colors.
  • Mepps spinners, #3 and #4, squirrel tail and plain, gold and silver blades. 3-6” Swimbaits in various colors. Hard or soft plastic.

Culprit JigheadsTop Water Fishing

  • Tiny and Baby Torpedoes – all colors.
  • Skitter Pops, Pop-Rs, Zara Spooks, Floating Rapalas and buzz baits in a variety of sizes and colors.

Fly Fishing For Bass and Pike

Popping bugs and hair bugs sizes #2-4. Best colors are chartreuse, yellow, red/white, frog and black. Dahlberg Divers, Wooly Bugs, Matuka Sculpins and Crayfish imitations. Best colors are brown, black, olive and natural colors. For Pike- Large streamers in red/white, black, chartreuse or yellow

Pike Fishing

Rat-L Traps, ½ oz. in blue/chrome, black/chrome, chartreuse and shad colors. Husky Jerks and X-Raps 4 ¾”-5 ½” in various colors. Larger size Swimbaits in both hard and soft plastic. Mepps Spinners 4-#5 with silver, gold, and orange spinners with either black, brown, white and yellow bucktail or marabou tails. ¾ oz. Len Thompson 5 of Diamonds. Spinnerbaits in assorted sizes and colors. Also various musky lures will work as well.

Note: Good quality leaders (6-9”) are a must for Pike fishing.

Chartreuse GreenMuskie Fishing

  • Mepps Muskie Killers, Boo Tails, Tandem Spinnerbaits and many other inline spinners all work well in the different color combinations available.
  • Suicks, Crane Baits, Grandmas, Super Shads, Depth Raiders and Bull Dawgs all work well from mid-summer thru fall.
  • Jack Pots, Mudpuppys, Ciscoe Toppers, Top Raiders and Lee Lures all produce throughout summer.

Note: Heavy duty leaders and snap swivels are recommended for Musky fishing.

Lake Trout Fishing

  • 3/8-1/2 oz. Lead head jigs in white or chartreuse yellow and chartreuse green.
  • 3-5” Tubes in white and similar baitfish colors.
  • Also #1 or #2 barrel swivels are needed.