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Remote Lakes

Crow Rock Remote Lakes

Hatmaker Lake

Walleye, Bass, and Pike inhabit this tea-colored lake. Several islands provide extensive shoreline. Our favorite for a variety of species, fishing methods, and reliability. Lake is 2 miles long. 1 mile portage over flat terrain.

Smith Lake

Yielding Pike up to 20 lbs. and 5 lb. class Bass. Tea colored water with weedy bays, rocky shoals, and sunken trees. Great chance for trophy Bass and Pike on the same day. Strictly catch and release. Lake is 1 mile long. 100-yard portage.

Emerald Lake

Holds camp record Bass on flyrod at 6 lbs. 2 oz. Gin clear water, extensive weed beds, productive rocky shoals and shallow bays. Average Bass is 2 1/2 lbs. and Pike 4-8 lbs. Lake is 3/4 mile long. 50-yard portage from Smith Lake.

Bass Lake

Gin clear water has yielded 5 lb. class Bass and 12 lb. Pike. Rocky shoals, drop offs, and overhanging cedar trees. Cast to visible fish early in season. Always remembered for fish and unspoiled beauty. Lake is 1 1/2 miles long. 130-yard portage.

Joan Lake

Emerald, green water harboring large Bass and Pike. Island running length of lake provides vast shoreline, bays, sunken trees, and rocky shores. Selected for its solitude and topflight Bass bugging. Strictly catch and release. Lake is 3/4 mile long. 30-yard portage from Bass Lake.

Jackfish Lake

Dark bottom lake. Lots of fast striking Pike and Bass. Sunken cedar trees bordering lake, good vegetation in bays. Minimal fishing pressure. Loved for its action-packed fishing. Lake is 3/4 mile long. 50-yard portage from Bass Lake.

Fox Lake

Gin clear water filled with large Bass and Pike. Largest lake at 3 miles long providing extensive shoreline, bays, and several islands. Consistent fishing. 75-yard portage.

Chopper's Bass
Bass Lake
Older gentleman displaying big northern pike he caught on the lake

Boats cached on Bass Lake – one of our 7 remote walk-in lakes.

Small Mouth Bass Remote Lakes
teen holding up big walleye catch
Cooper Family