Bass Angler Trophy2017 Trophy

The prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are 50%, 30%, and 20%, respectively off the same value package purchased last season for a future trip. For ties, the number of tied anglers divides equally the winning percentage. Trophy discounts must be used the following season. The winning fish lengths are listed below.

View our 2017 Winners:


BASS (19” Minimum)
1. Todd Brookover21.00
1. John Moon21.00
1. Jack Rickert21.00
1. Dave Nykamp21.00
2. Judd Jones20.00
2. John Nordin20.00
2. Quinn Baesler20.00
2. Brendan King20.00
2. Paul Wilson20.00
2. Robert Beard20.00
3. Jackson Warner19.75
3. Mark Bernstein19.75
3. Martin Reed19.75
NORTHERN PIKE (38” Minimum)
1. Michael Flynn45.00
2. Tim Groark43.50
2. Denis Sylvestre43.50
3. Rich Cary42.50
3. Paxton Jevnick42.50
MUSKIE (50” Minimum)
1. Ryan Lark56.00
2. Benjamin Hartman55.00
3. Jeff Garstka52.50
WALLEYE (27” Minimum)
1. Alex Robbins31.50
2. Howard Bernstein31.00
3. John Vanderpoel30.00
3. Jeff Irvine30.00

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