Bass Angler Trophy2016 Trophy

The prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are 50%, 30%, and 20%, respectively off the same value package purchased this season for a future trip. For ties, the number of tied anglers divides equally the winning percentage. The winning fish lengths are indicated in bold.

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BASS (19” Minimum)
1. JW Stephan21.00
2. Don Cook20.50
2. Judd Jones20.50
2. JW Stephan20.50
3. Ray Villwock20.25
3. Ed Walters20.25
NORTHERN PIKE (38” Minimum)
1. Terry Jenkins45.00
2. Sandy Haury43.00
3. Carl Pappalardo42.50
MUSKY (50” Minimum)
1. Katrice Kazmerik51.25
2. Paxton Jevnick51.00
3. Arthur Vanhart50.50
WALLEYE (27” Minimum)
1. Tanner Preissler31.00
2. Kyle Schmidt30.50
2. David Doonan30.50
3. Ron Stone29.00
3. Pam Thompson29.00
3. Chuck Mascari29.00
3. Drew Prehmus29.00

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2016 Winner Photos: